Signature Management Group


Cultural & Organizational Development - Business Improvement Programs

Signature Management Group created the "Signature Management System" - a Proprietary business improvement process that helps companies create success at all levels.

The Signature management System is a proprietary business improvement process that that enables companies to create meaningful change and develop long term business models that can survive even the toughest of times. Signature has deployed this process in industries of all types since 1982 for clients in eleven states.

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Marketing and Brand Development

Signature Management Group and Rock Solid, Inc. have created a unique integrated solutions venture that will allow our clients to benefit from the experience of two of the nation’s most respected management and marketing companies. This new relationship will allow our clients achieve their marketing goals with an unprecedented level of effectiveness, improve their business through a proven process and create higher levels of profitability, visibility and communications at every level.

Our team of seasoned professionals has experience that crosses over from strategic marketing, brand building, multi-media and promotions to cultural and organizational business improvement programs that deliver results through one-to-one personalized marketing and business consulting.

As a result this unique relationship allows us to deliver a stronger ROI while making more efficient use of our clients' time, energy and budget.

We believe in order to grow and succeed in today's challenging segmented business environment, you must offer clients more than traditional solutions and through this venture we can deliver fully integrated solutions that draw upon a variety of marketing and business disciplines to create success at every level...

Hotel & Casino Management

Signature Management Group has vast expertise in hotel and casino management, ranging from 5-star resort operations to downtown casino/hotel and convention facilities. Signature Management Group has had franchise affiliations with Holiday Inn, Hilton Hotels, Radisson and Sheraton Hotels, among others. SMG has also enjoyed relationships with some of the nation's leading casino companies.

Signature Management Group provides services to clients in the areas of:

  • Project Consulting
  • Operations Management
  • Interim Management Services
  • Financing for New and Existing Projects
  • Expert Witness Services
  • Architectural Design and Consulting
  • Employee Training and Development Programs
  • Renovation and Construction Management
  • Construction and Design Services Management
  • Organization and Cultural Development Programs
  • Strategic Planning

Management Training & Development

Signature has developed specialized management training and team building programs for companies since 1982 and has built relationships with the Nations' most respected Human Development firm "Dale Carnegie".

  • Team Building
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Communication Audit
  • Leadership Training & Group Facilitation
  • Customized Web Based Employee and Customer Questionnaire

Project Development

Signature Management Group has been involved in development projects of all types and sizes, including restructure and repositioning of downtown casino / hotels and convention facilities and development of franchised and independent hotels and casinos nationwide. Whether it is working with lenders, publicly traded companies or partnerships, let SMG show you how we can create success for your Company.

Signature Management Group provides development expertise in the areas of:

  • Hotel/casino Design Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Site Selection
  • Mezzanine Financing / New Project Capital
  • Construction Services