Signature Management Group

The SMG System

  1. Behavioral Assessments - The process begins with a series of Signature Management behavioral assessments administered to all upper-level and supervisory team members. These assessments measure managers' overall effectiveness and, more importantly, identifies the ideal environment in which these individuals can be productive.
  2. 360-Degree Evaluation - Each member of the management team is then evaluated through our 360 Degree Evaluation tool, which employs feedback from subordinates, peers, and supervisors to provide a clear understanding of where opportunities exist for positive change.
  3. Organizational Assessment - Signature creates a questionnaire to identify, via employee feedback, opportunities for organizational growth and improvement. Our Web-based assessment and delivery system enables us to create, administer, and deliver information quickly - on a completely confidential basis.
  4. Organizational Development Committee - The next step is to create a grassroots platform for communications and management support. This Organizational Development Committee acts as a clearinghouse for information and becomes a point of two way communications between management and employees top to bottom.
  5. Web-based Measurement Tools - Customized assessment, questionnaires, and survey tools collect and filter direct customer feedback. When combined with the internal feedback from employees and management, e.g. the data creates the basis for improved performance and profitability.
  6. Informational Feedback - Signature correlates all of the data from management, employee, and customer programs and works with the Organizational Development Committee and management to recommend the changes that push companies toward greater performance in
    every area.
  7. Organizational Redirection and Improvement - Signature teams with management and the Organizational Development Committee to implement the recommendations that arose out of step six. This redirection and improvement process enables profound changes on both internal and external levels, including employee programs, human resource issues, marketing and advertising, and other vital functions.
  8. Quarterly Measurement - Signature team works with management to create ongoing quarterly systems for measuring, internally and externally, the effectiveness of the new programs created by the process.

We are so confident that the Signature Management System will help your organization that we will provide a free online assessment of your company’s health indicators. Contact Signature today to put your company on track for new levels of performance and profits.